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New College Oxford University Challenge Christmas

new college oxford university challenge christmas


New College Oxford University Challenge Christmas


























































New College Oxford University Challenge Christmas, pastures christmas menu for a crowd


"Boggis and Bunce and Bean, "One fat, one short, one lean, "These horrible crooks "So different in looks "Were nonetheless equally mean." . Although there have been plenty of closely-fought matches during Paxman's time on the programme, there have been surprisingly few tie-breakers - initially never more than two per series and none at all in most, but that record has now been broken, as there were three in the 2009-2010 series. This article is about the British series. "Oh, do come on!" "Let's have an answer!" or "Let's have it, please!" "Another starter question now." "Er - yeeessss!" "We're going to take a picture (or music) round now." "Answer as soon as you buzz." and, "Work this out before you buzz." "You may not confer, one of you may buzz!" "One of you, buzz.but you're not going to." "You all look blank - I'll tell you." "Was that a guess?" ".If that was a guess, it was a very good one." or, ".A very good guess, if it was a guess." "And at the gong." "And it's goodbye from me - goodbye!" "I'm sorry - if you buzz, you must answer!" "No - you lose five points." or, occasionally, "I'm going to have to fine you five points." "Answer as soon as your name is called." . Most series wins Rank University/College Number of wins Win year(s) 1= Magdalen College, Oxford 4 1997, 1998, 2004, 2011 University of Manchester 4 2006, 2009, 2012, 2013 3 Trinity College, Cambridge 3 1974, 1995, 2014 4= University of Sussex 2 1967, 1969 University College, Oxford 2 1972, 1976 Keble College, Oxford 2 1975, 1987 Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge 2 1971, 1978 The Open University 2 1984, 1999 Durham University 2 1977, 2000 Imperial College London 2 1996, 2001 . "Now you're just being silly!" . Those four teams then played two matches, just the same as the first-round playoffs, with the two winning teams going through to the semis. BBC Two University Challenge HomeEpisodesClipsGalleriesFormer championsPast questions Sorry, this episode is not currently available Oriel, Oxford v Trinity, Cambridge University Challenge, Christmas 2015 Episode 2 of 10 Jeremy Paxman asks the questions in the Christmas-themed quiz for distinguished university alumni.It's the second match of the Christmas quiz with two teams of graduates fighting it out for a place in the semi-finals.Playing in this episode are the Oriel College, Oxford, team, which includes screenwriter Peter Harness and The Gadget Show presenter Jon Bentley, and Trinity College, Cambridge, featuring Sky News political editor Faisal Islam and food writer Bee Wilson. Paxman laughed at this, but Read argued, "Plutonium. The lowest score during the Professionals series was achieved by the House of Commons team, who scored 25 in 2003. In the later 2007 series, producers managed to confuse the audience by showing two picture questions on castles in the wrong order. One question (or rather, a resulting comment from Paxman) that proved decidedly controversial occurred in a late-1998 edition of the show, when Paxman asked, "Who was on the British throne at the start of this millennium?" One contestant buzzed in and, understandably thinking 'century' rather than 'millennium' in the heat of the moment, answered "Queen Victoria". This was one of the very rare occasions when the normally-unflappable Bamber became somewhat ruffled. Reader "John C" tells us: "It might be of interest to note that Ian Channell (full name Ian Brackenbury Channell), who features in that video clip from 1962, later emigrated to New Zealand and became there a highly eccentric and well-known figure self-designated as the Wizard of Christchurch. Challenge Matches 1992 Celebrity Alumni team* beat Keble College, Oxford 1997 Magdalen College Oxford 1997 beat Imperial College London 1996 1997 Magdalen College Oxford 1997 beat the four finallists from the last-ever Magnus Magnusson-hosted series of Mastermind 1999 Magdalen College Oxford 1998 beat Leicester 1963 . This was one ostensible inspiration for an unusual 1975 protest. University Challenge Quiz Book (1995) (paperback) . ee1f8b9cc0

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